Commercial cleaning branches out into many different industries.


Nurseries, Offices and Factories are just a few examples of what we can cover.


We also offer End of build cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and Deep cleaning to building contractors and private customers.

House Clearance: Our team can carry out clearance of any property whether it be unwanted personal property or clearance ready for selling or letting your property.






CARPET CLEANING:  Pets, children and general wear and tear can take its toll on your carpet, our specialist service can bring it back to life!


Are you having a party at home or at a location where you are required to do the clearing away. We all know that feeling after a child's birthday party or the morning after the night before!! Don't dis-pear we can be on call to take the stress out of being the host. All at an affordable cost and at the time that suits you.


The service we are offering is the decontamination service of viruses and bacterias in particular Covid 19 at your premises through the method of Fogging.


This removes;bacteria and viruses on surfaces and hand contact areas.It is safe to use on all materials and all locations within premises including food preparation areas.


We use ULV 50 Fogging machines to achieve this in conjunction with a disinfectant called Safe Zone Plus.


Passes EN 14476; effective against coronavirus with a 5 minute contact time.


The service is fast and effective with a low contact time so you can open your business with confidence.



Lab Tested To Be Effective Against COVID-19

Costs As Little As £1.50 per Cubic Meter

Flexible With Cleaning Frequency & Specifications

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

Reduce employee abscense / increase productivity

Demonstrate Importance Of Health & Safety To Customers & Official Bodies

Reasurrance to Staff and Customers

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